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There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.

~ Homer



Any links on this site are to people I personally know, people whose work I have experienced or people whose products I have used. As a result of my experience, I respect and admire these people and their work / products. I have received many offers of reciprocal links however my policy is to only have links to those I know. In this way I am confident about the integrity of anyone you connect with through this site.

Animal Dreaming - Scott King  animaldreaming.com

Scott is a blast! Always ready to laugh and have fun yet fully awake to his animal dreaming. Scott brings this ancient awareness very firmly into the present.

He is enthusiastic and positive and really knows his stuff and wants to share it. He has a great way with kids and would be a really cool way to get younguns switched onto spirtual stuff.

Anita Revel  www.goddess.com.au

Anita encourages women to find, within themselves, the Goddess; the divine feminine, the creatrix... She who is Mother to all. She challenges us to bring this knowing into the here and now so dust off your antiquated vision of 'The Goddess' and revel in the vibrant living feminine energy that has always been and will always be, with every woman on the planet.

Avi  www.djavi.com.au

Avi is a happy DJ with all the music you could ask for! He has beautiful tunes from all over the world, a huge smile and great hug! Avi can create a musical background that supports the mood and atmosphere you want...

I recommend him for weddings, parties etc.

Christine Morrison  www.christinemorrison.com

A beautiful being who works with the transformational energy of sound. Christine weaves a gentle uplifting symphony of harmony around you with her voice and the many instruments she uses. Her workshops are fun and filled with wisdom. She leaves you with a sense of vibrant yet serene happiness.

Combined Covens Social Club  combinedcovens@facebook

This is a SOCIAL CLUB full of wonderful, friendly, fun, community oriented, interesting, pagan people. What started as a way of being cost effective for a couple of related covens, has grown into a much bigger, more embracing concept. Anyone who identifies as a Pagan is welcome to the 4 annual events and open rituals... Tree is the contact person and she is a total treasure and a legend in her own tea cup (this is an in joke! hehehe).

I wouldn't miss Spring Camp for anything- so see you there....

PS: There is a combined covens webpage too but the info is sporadic and often out dated.

Ishara & Mirium  www.daughtersofishtar.com.au

Ishara and Mirium are woman devoted to creating a space in modern life for the Goddess, a space of beauty, meaning, transformation, healing and the feminine mysteries.

Lucy Cavendish  www.lucycavendish.com.au

To me Lucy is a living Fae; she is petite, softly spoken and kind of floats across a room...

Her knowledge of the Tarot is awesome and her message is always delivered with genuine care. (check out our matching, totally natural grey streaks!!)

Nis  www.pulseartstudio.com

Years ago I was drawn to make a dream harp with Nis in his leafy studio space in Hamilton Hill. With unending patience and much humour, Nis guided and encouraged us to transform a thick slab of rough wood into a beautiful musical instrument. It was a really enjoyable creative experience. To this day I love to play my dreamharp and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

check the photo- I met the lovely Christine Morrisen at that workshop too - here we are: Nis rear right, me front left & Chris centre rear, proudly holding our new harps on the last day of the workshop.

Peru  www.peruquois.com

A woman of intense connection to the Goddess and Mother Earth. Peru shines with love. Her delicious rich honey voice reaches deep inside you to a place of primal connection until you too shine with love...

Sacred Fire Community  www.sacredfirecommunity.org

Our local flame of this global community is hosted by fire keeper Phil Roberts. Phil is a gentle-man whose quiet manner belies great wisdom gained from his own deep experiences. He is one of those rare people who listens, truely listens. Softly and slowly, Phil is creating and living a genuine community around the sacred fire.

Sacred Radiance - Claudio & Sa  www.sacredradiance.net

Claudio and Sa are the beautiful partnership that is Sacred Radiance. Claudio is a true teacher and a personal inspiration. Sa is a woman with an open heart whose gentle smile makes you feel totally accepted and loved. These are two of the most present beings I know: I love and respect them both.

The Herbalist - Dipaunka  www.theherbalist.com.au

A master herbalist, alchemist, magician, musician and pagan; Dipaunka is the real deal. He says what he means and means what he says. He walks his talk. And he is one of the sweetest and loveliest men I know. One of my favourite things in life is to sit on his backdeck, looking over his herb garden and circle, drinking a delicious blended herb tea and having a chat. Dipaunka is a free thinker who will consider any topic and draw his own conclusions.

Uplift Design - Vibodha & Tila  www.uplift.com.au

I have worked with Vibodha on two web sites now and I am trying to find an excuse to create a third site!! Because working with Vibodha is just so much FUN - I smiled & laughed through the whole process. After describing what you think you want, Vibodha thinks for a milisecond before launching into action... you can almost see the steam coming out his ears!! Two big screens and it seems like 10 arms and hands all working at light speed to bring to life exactly what you asked for... only MUCH better :) and Tila keeps us focused and within our time frame...  xx

Wendy Rule  www.wendyrule.com

rich and lush are the words that spring to mind when I think of dear Wendy. She weaves layer upon layer of sound that wrap you in a cocoon of wonder. Her music is deeply rewarding -  her rhythms and imagery transport you to Wendy's personal magical world.

For anyone who enjoys lush soulful vocals with magical, pagan, nature oriented lyrics- Wendy is the queen. She is also a very knowledgeable and down to earth lady who lives and breathes and sings her magic.


Tamara Celbrant

Tamara Lampard, Celebrant

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