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Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.

~ Margaret Cousins


The Cauldron of Brigid

The tarp, frame, seat, stones and gas ring all came from dear friends who for one reason or another had stopped pouring. After several months getting to know "the lay of the land" at Ameling I began feeling around for the place that felt like the home of my sweat house.

Initially I thought to have a Lakota style lodge, but my heart yearned for something else... I remembered that the most powerful experiences for me were in the urban lodge with Claudio. I loved going into the hot lodge, some how it felt right to me. So after re reading all I could find on Irish, Gaelic and Celtic sweats I decided to try heating the stones inside.

Once all was assembled, I spent time meditating in the space, I ran a couple of sweats for myself and I asked for the Spirit of the sweat to inspire me.

And boy oh boy did inspiration come!! I have always been drawn to Brigid as a Goddess of my ancestors. When I sought guidance from the ancestors in the sweat, Brigid showed me that this sweat house brings together the water, the fire and the inspiration that are the way of Brigid, for she is the Goddess of Springs & Wells, of the Blacksmith and of the Poet Bard. The water offers healing, the fire offers transformation and the sweat process opens the way for inspiration to flow.

These are the qualities to be found in the Cauldron of Brigid. If you feel the call please read the instructions and use the contact page to book your place. There are 10 places available. Dates for the Sweats @Ameling are on the calendar.

I believe that there must be an energy exchange for any service I provide. The simple way of doing this is by charging a fee (to me money is just convenient symbolic energy), the more complex way is for us to come to some arrangement for a swap.

The simple fee is $40 per person per sweat.

Please contact me to discuss an exchange / swap / barter if you would prefer.

Tamara Celbrant

Tamara Lampard, Celebrant

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