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This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

~ HH the Dalai Lama



Pendulums are a deceptively simple tool. Actually a pendulums not so much a tool, as a gauge, like on the dash of your car. It converts the information inside the car into an easy to understand measurement such as how hot the engine is or how fast the vehicle is going. The measurement on the gauge can be easily read by the driver. The movement of the pendulum is the same- it indicates information that is being received in and through your intuition and higher self.

If your intuition, higher self and etheric field are not clear and clean then the pendulum will reflect this. For example if you have an emotional investment in an issue that you are dowsing about then that will be reflected in the pendulum ie you will get the answers you want to get because your emotions are influencing the swing of the pendulum. Many people come to me saying that they can't get consistent or reliable results from their pendulum. I ask them how consistent and reliable they are in decision making as a general rule! This is not a criticism. Most people find it very difficult to put their emotions to one side and be truly detached from the outcome of a question. Monks spend years practicing detachment so this is not an easy or simple thing to do.

Working with a pendulum takes time and practice - it can be one of those frustrating things that is easy when you know how.

My beginners instructions are:

  1. Decide on your system of measurement: you have 4 choices -swinging back and front, side to side, in a circle clockwise, in a circle anti clockwise. Assign one of those choices to "yes" and one to "no". You can also assign a "maybe / undecided / neutral" swing.
  2. Practice moving the pendulum in those directions. Yes, that means make it swing using your muscles! I like to use a relatively short length of chain/ string / line but after some practice swinging you will find the length that feel right for you.
  3. Prepare yourself to use the pendulum by calming your mind and heart. Get yourself in a relaxed and neutral meditative type state. Do what you do to cleanse your etheric field and chakras. Call on your Guides and Guardians to be with you. Breath slowly and rhythmically, be physically comfortable, hold your pendulum firmly but gently.
  4. Get your pendulum swinging and then ask it to confirm your yes, confirm your no.
  5. Ask "am I ready to use the pendulum"? if yes then continue; if no then go back and cleanse and clear again, ask for extra help to ensure you are balanced, use any extra tools like smudge bundles or sprays. If you do not get past this point after several attempts go and consult with a practitioner who does healing, cleansing and/or chakra balancing.
  6. Ask "may I use the pendulum at this time"? if yes then continue; if no then put the pendulum away and try another day. There will be a reason why it is not in your best interests to use the pendulum at this time and to do so would only yield misleading /confusing information. It also sends a message that you do not respect the source of the information, which does not leave a positive impression!
  7. Ask your questions carefully - the pendulum will answer exactly what you ask! For example "will I have a child?" may give a different answer to "will I give birth to a child?".
  8. Ask questions sequentially and with all the options open. Start with the bigger overview questions and gradually narrow it down as you go. Asking questions is a real skill and is far more complex than most people think.
  9. If you start to get tired or confused, stop. Say thank you to your Guides and Guardians. Thank the source of the information. Put your pendulum away.

In addition, I recommend you offer your thanks after every answer you get. This is respectful. If the answers are unclear or contradictory then ask "is this the truth?".

Tamara Celbrant

Tamara Lampard, Celebrant

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