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Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.

~ Anne Frank


Instructions: for a positive experience

In simple terms a sweat is a spiritual sauna but it is so, so much more than that.... It offers cleansing and healing on many levels. It brings challenges and triumphs. To come to the Sweat is to embark on a personal journey.

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Drum or other instruments
  • Sarong, bathers or similar for inside the lodge
  • Old towel to sit on in the lodge
  • Big fluffy towel to dry off after showering
  • Clean comfortable clothes to wear after (silky, soft materials feel amazing)
  • Rug or jacket to wear in case it gets cold
  • The right amount of money


  • Let me know of ANY medical conditions you have, just in case
  • Be respectful of others and their personal space
  • Leave your mobile phones at home or turn them off when you arrive
  • Leave any valuables at home
  • Take responsibility for your own safety and comfort
  • Let me know of any dietary requirements as I prepare 'sweat house soup' to share after we complete the Return To The World.
  • Ask me any questions you have about the lodge, before or after you attend

The journey has three stages; the Preparation, the Sweat Journey and the Return to the World.

They are equally important. Please do not underestimate this fact.

The short instructions....

  • Think about why you want to come to the lodge, set your intent
  • Begin drinking water from when you rise in the morning
  • Drink at least 3 to 3.5 litres of water during the day
  • Eat lightly from noon eg fruit only
  • Stop drinking about the time that we gather
  • Gather on time. If you arrive early please wait in your car as I will be busy with last minute prep.


The more detailed instructions....  

The Preparation

This stage begins when you wake on the morning of the sweat. It is a time of anticipation and drinking water. Take some time to contemplate why you are coming to the sweat. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to receive? Find a purpose for your journey. And drink lots!

When you arrive, find a place in the circle and 'make camp'. A welcome and brief instructions will be given. 

When we break to change, resist idle chatter and instead be quiet and go within. Find a place where you feel comfortable to change and respect the privacy of others. Use the toilet and then gather for saining (smoke cleansing) as we enter the sweat house.

The Sweat Journey

This stage begins as you enter the lodge. Again be mindful of others but also look after yourself and make yourself comfortable. Be as quiet as possible and continue to look with in. Join in the chants as they will assist you on your journey through the heat and the dark. The time in the sweat house is different each time but we are usually inside for at least 1 hour, and we have been known to spend up to 3hours inside.

The Return to the World

Remain in silence and focus on your self. Allow others to do the same. Coming out of the lodge is like being reborn so be very gentle with yourself; move slowly and carefully, lie down until you feel ready to shower. Cold water is invigorating and is recommended! When you are showered and dressed, return to your place in the circle. Short directions will be given and drumming will bring us back. Sharing simple healthy food grounds us back in our bodies and gives us energy to return to the everyday world.



How hot does it get?
The heat varies from sweat to sweat, however in general the heat increases for 3 rounds and then slowly decreases. The door is opened between rounds to allow cool fresh air to enter. If you are worried about the heat sit close to the door. If you have been in a sauna, the heat is similar.

Is it dark?
Yes, but some light enters when the door is opened between rounds.

May I leave the lodge?
Yes, but once you do, you may not return. So be sure you are really ready to go and then honour your limits and leave. It is not a competition to see who can stay the longest! It is a personal journey, different for each individual and different each time. The journey does not end until we share food together.

What symptoms will indicate that I should leave?
A level of anxiety that you can't control, faintness or dizziness, shortness of breath or simply that you really, really need to be outside. One of the mysteries of the lodge concerns awareness of personal limits. Take responsibility for your own comfort and safety and leave when you feel you need to.

Do I have to get naked?
No - not unless you want to. Many people feel more comfortable in the sweat house with out clothes and take off their sarong once inside. Others wear bathers throughout. Do what is comfortable for you. There is no requirement to be naked in any part of the journey.

Why can't I eat dinner before I go into the lodge?
Digestion requires a lot of blood go to the inner organs of your body; your digestive system. We lose the majority of our body heat from blood flowing close to the surface of our skin (think about how red we get when we are hot). If most of your blood is deep inside your body busy with digesting food it can't be close to your skin to help you maintain your temperature and release toxins, thus you risk over heating.

Can I undertake a sweat when I am menstruating?
This is a very personal question. In the Lakota tradition women who were bleeding stayed out of the lodge. However, I have no objection to menstruating women in the sweat. Be aware that to take this journey while in this time of female power can be very intense. Do what feels right for you and let me know of your decision. If you do decide to attend please be considerate of others and be discrete.

What can I expect after a sweat?
In the days following the sweat you may have some reactions to your journey....

Physically you have had a good detoxification, so continue to drink more than usual. You may also find your diet changes and you desire particular, usually healthier, foods. Your skin will feel soft and smooth and you may have more energy. Or you may be tired and need more sleep!

Emotionally you have undertaken an ordeal and so you may have some emotional release. Be prepared for this.

Spiritually you have plumbed inner depths and moved out of the ordinary state of consciousness. This kind of personal journey can only increase your level of awareness and wisdom. Be open to growth.

Overall, be kind to your self. Allow yourself plenty of time to process your experience. And call me with any concerns or comments that you may have.

I hope you are enriched by your experience of the Sweat House.
With Love,



Tamara Celbrant

Tamara Lampard, Celebrant

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