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About Me - my musings...

This is a collection of random thoughts, reasonings, ideas, suggestions, insights(?) possible solutions and just plain rants that I have written over the years. The topics delight or inspire me, interest or excite me, annoy or outrage me.The earliest from my 1978 journal - I was 12. Please bare in mind that I may well have changed my position since then so what is presented here is not necessarily my current stance on an issue. If you want to know what I think today -ask today. I offer these musings to share with my community, to stimulate conversation, discussion or questions.

If you wish to give me constructive feedback- I welcome it and I will respond. However anything other than well intentioned constructive feedback, questions or discussion will be ignored... If you don't like what I write - don't read it!

What is it like to go to a classical music concert?
Why do you love the ACO so much?

The human condition is to be part Light and part Dark. Both are necessary and unless I experience and accept both (parts) I am unbalanced. Read...

you will have to read it to find out :) Read...

What can I do to save the Earth?
Will the earth survive human activity?

How does technology impact on our spiritual lives?

A solution to a maths problem, freshly raked soil, the gaze of a person at peace, mist in a valley, a child's drawing- beauty can be found in all these things... Read...

Many people come to me with genuine concerns for their safety and well being from an energetic or spiritual point of view. They want “protection” from an evil spirit, bad luck, a spell or some form of psychic attack. Read...

I am frequently asked to either do or sell a spell. I will do neither and I won’t stock “ready made” or “instant spell in a box” style products. Read...

When the magical world of intuition and contact with Spirit Guides, Angels, power animals and the like opens up, it is a very exciting time... Read...

What are the best ways to keep my aura clean and fresh?
How do I keep myself spiritually clear and “clean”?
How can I clear my home from stale or unwanted energies

Tamara Celbrant

Tamara Lampard, Celebrant

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