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Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.

~ Margaret Cousins


About Me - my life so far...

I was born in Tasmania to a sea captain father and artist mother. When I first went to school, it was discovered that I was not like other children in the way that I learned and processed information. The solution of the time was to send me to a "slow learners" school. Not much was known about learning disabilities in Tasmania in the early 70s. My parents, bless them, knew I was not slow - they had, for example, observed me complete jigsaws upside down. Dyslexia is the term now applied to my style of learning. My parents found cutting edge research about children like me and soon developed a program of dance, trampoline and music that trained my thinking so I could read and write and participate in school. I now believe that Dyslexia was a gift; a gift that has allowed me to relate to my world, process information and think, in ways that I am still surprised are not the norm!

After a short time in the Solomon Islands, my family moved to the north west of Western Australia. Here I developed a love of wide open spaces and big sky. I spent most weekends barefoot, on my bike exploring the hills and beaches, swimming holes and sand dunes of the Pilbara. My family moved to the city when I started high school and I soon discovered the bohemian port town of Fremantle.

There is a strong sense of community and acceptance, even encouragement, of the individual in Fremantle. Artists, thinkers, sailors, immigrants from Asia and the Mediterranean all merge to give Freo its unique character. As a teenager I enjoyed the acceptance of my non conformist self expression. I felt able to breathe when I wandered around Freo: I still do.

Later, in my early twenties I spent close to three years travelling the world with only my back pack as a constant companion. This trip enriched my being and changed my life. I was moved to tears by the ethereal sounds of Latin Plainsong in the capital of Gaul. I was nearly crushed by the weight of history and the denseness of the energy in the Holy Land. I pressed my ear against ancient Redwoods for hours as the snow fell all around us. I was humbled by the enormity of Nature and insignificance of me as I stood on the South Rim. But it was in the Emerald Isle that I felt that I had come home. The misty quiet green soothed my soul and lifted my spirits. I felt connected, it was a sense of something that was part of me, it was in my bones, it was old and it called to me. It still does...

After growing up a Freo girl and living there for 10 years, I have moved to 5 magical acres in the Jandakot area with views to the hills. I share my home with the beautiful man who is my husband and our old woofer. We are living beneath 60 year old trees and building a garden. I am lucky to have great friendships with the three lovely people who are my husband’s children.

My spiritual path has unfolded through out my whole life. My first journal entry was at age 12 when I thought I had the answer to Life! Something to do with spiders webs and choices... And I have strong memories of an awareness of the sacred all around me as I grew up.

I remember building houses for fairies and making offerings to the scary things in the deep, dark hole behind the big rocks at the bottom of our garden so they would leave me alone in my dreams.

I often got up in the dark and went with my dog to stand in the middle of the local oval, in the ghostly mist and wait for the sunrise before sneaking back to bed.

I braved angry adults to save a terrified joey because I could feel his distress.

I brought home rocks and crystals from where ever I went because they spoke to me about the land they came from.

I imagined myself a mermaid who danced with dolphins and a wild haired maiden galloping bareback across the plains.

So it seems like a natural progression for me to have turned to Nature as an untainted, non cultural, completely-beyond-human-construction-or-control way of connecting with the Divine. I organised my spiritual practice via the seasons and directions and then the elements. I did this intuitively and logically. I drew on my imagination and the many fairy stories, myths and legends that I was familiar with.

I used my knowledge of the sciences; astronomy and biology. I found inspiration in the arts; from my family home and exhibitions I had visited. Later I discovered that there were traditions that used the same kind of framework I had developed and they described themselves as Pagan. I was rapt to find kindred spirits. I made an effort to meet these people and discovered over time that, same as any community, there were those I liked and those I didn’t. But I finally felt I had a “place” and people who understood me.

I guess I would list myself under the heading of Pagan but in truth my path is an ecclectic mix of the many spiritual traditions, cultures and ideas I have come across so far, as well as my own creations. Mostly I feel, as I always have, that the Earth is a sacred being and that we (humans) are but part of her expression. We call this expression Nature. Thus I am a child of Nature. As such, my path is one of attunement to Nature. I honour the Solstices and Equinoxes and Lunar Cycles. I try to live with and in the seasons as they occur around me. I have a dedicated space for spiritual practise – a place where I can read and create, pray and meditate. I am becoming more aware of my own temple; my body, and how to use it to increase my awareness and experience of my path as it travels through my spiritual landscape.

I have over many years enjoyed the meeting of Science and Mysticism. My intellect enjoys the analysis and logic of research and “evidence” of science. My soul enjoys the faith and magic of the mystical. As a child my dream was to be a dancer and now find that I am being drawn to sound & dance as a method of accessing higher consciousness and Spirit.

Aesthetically, I have a preference for Celtic symbolism and motif but find beauty in any sincere expression of spirituality. I believe some of the reason for the leaning to the Celtic is my strong recent family history. On both sides, for the last 20+ generations, I have Celtic ancestors. This means that my spiritual landscape includes the lands of my ancestors; Ireland and Scotland as well as the land of my birth; Australia.

My maternal grandfather believed in Magic and was a student of the Grail Legend. He taught me about the Merlin and magic, Arthur and honour, Lancelot and self knowledge, Guenivere and love and about our search of our own Divinity; the Grail. My paternal grandfather taught me very simply about faith and the peace found in acceptance. My maternal grandmother taught me about physical strength and the power of the mind, while my paternal grandmother taught me an appreciation for the good things in life- wine, strawberries & laughter.

My parents were very clear about my brother and I having our own choice of belief system. They did everything they could to expose us to as many different spiritual and religious systems and traditions as they could; Christmas was spent in a different place of worship each year. Dinner was at the table and involved in-depth discussions where Dad would really challenge us about our beliefs, and make us really think things through especially morals, ethics and values. My Mother would bring feelings and emotions into the discussions. They both loved art, theatre and music and were very well travelled. As a result our home was filled with things from around the world that they had collected; a spear from New Guinea, a print from the Da Vinci collection in Italy, a brass lamp from Turkey, a porcelain doll in a glass case from Japan, china bowls from China, ebony elephants from India, shells and coral from Pacific Islands, chopsticks and bamboo baskets from Asia, Aboriginal bark paintings, lots of local art and music from everywhere...

My work life has been rich and varied -

I have worked as

  • a shop assistant (commonly known as a 'checkout chick' in Australia),
  • a barmaid,
  • an events coordinator,
  • crew on a tall ship,
  • a mortuary assistant,
  • a nanny,
  • a laboratory technician,
  • a silver service waitress,
  • a high school teacher,
  • a small business proprietor, and
  • a library officer

I now describe my self primarily as a Celebrant. From time to time I give Tarot readings, facilitate Sweat Lodges and Sound Journeys.

But mostly I simply endeavour to live a life that is True and encourage others to do the same.

Truth Beauty Love
Gratitude Faith

Tamara Celbrant

Tamara Lampard, Celebrant

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