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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

~Helen Keller


AMELING - History

The original 200acre property was first owned, cleared and settled by Frits Ameling and his wife Anne in the late 60s. From what we can gather, Frits was a well educated, artistic free thinker. He was also a civil engineer and child prodigy pianist. He entertained many notable artists, philosophers, spiritual leaders and even politicians. Frits built the Hall and the building with the lookout, that we call the Nest.

Frits also built the Hall to allow him to give piano concerts and to hold gatherings and parties. When Frits and Anne's children needed to attend high school the family moved to Victoria Park.


During the late 80’s this was the Rashneeshee (Orange People) community commune. They followed a guru now referred to as Osho. About 25 people lived here and practised meditation and personal development. They built the A frames and the long room attached to the shed as dormitories, the gazebo and the ‘latrines’.

The next owners were Colin and Gail who also taught self development seminars. They lived here for about 20years and at one time had a community of about 14people living here.

We arrived in October 2008 and plan to rejuvenate the original buildings and the garden. When all is ready we intend to have many people enjoy the energy here by running workshops and small retreats.






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